What type of battery is best for a fish finder?

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you will know that fishing is a time consuming but very fun thing to do. We don't wait long for fish, but actively seek them out. Therefore, a fish finder is very necessary. Maintaining a fishfinder working for a long time requires a quality fishfinder battery. Next, I will give you details on how to choose a fishfinder battery.

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How are fish finders powered?

On larger boats, fishfinders are powered through the boat's electrical system, which draws power from the boat's marine battery. Larger boats usually always have a built-in marine battery, but for smaller boats such as kayaks, you will need an external battery to power the fishfinder.

Historically, most boats have relied on 12V lead-acid batteries, but these are increasingly being replaced by best-performing 12V lithium batteries such as Aolithium, which offer a lighter, higher energy density alternative that can also last more hours at a time than traditional lead-acid batteries. On smaller boats, where the extra weight is a heavy burden and often slows the boat down, lightweight batteries that provide long-lasting energy are critical.

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Why do I need a separate battery for the fishfinder?

If you have a boat with a power system, it will drive both your boat and the fishfinder. The built-in marine battery is an important part of this system. However, if you want to go out on a kayak or other boat without a power system, you will need a separate battery. 

In both cases, we think lithium is the best choice! Let us know about the different types of batteries that can be used in fishfinders.

Understanding battery types

Choosing the right battery requires knowing how much you need it to do. When you use a 12-volt battery, the fishfinder will draw about 1 amp per hour. Multiply the number of amps in the battery by the amount of time you need it to run.

Some of the smaller fish finder batteries can provide about 7 amp hours of power. Larger ones can reach 10 amp hours or more. Some of the most powerful ones offer up to 18 amp hours. As long as you have enough room for a battery this large, you can fish all day. So what types of batteries are available for fish finders?

Lead-acid batteries

Deep cycle batteries, such as sealed lead-acid marine batteries, are available in lead, lead dioxide, sulfuric acid, lead sulfate and aqueous solutions. These are standard on most boats and vehicles, but don't last very long (3-5 years of normal use). They are cheaper up front, but require more investment to replace over time

Sealed lead-acid batteries are heavy and can be discharged to 50% without damage. However, they last about 10 times longer than lithium batteries.

Lithium-iron Battery

Lithium-iron batteries for marine use are rechargeable power cells powered by lithium ion phosphate and do not contain any liquid or acid. This allows them to be lighter and mounted in any position. They have become popular in the aerospace and military sectors as well as in the consumer industry. For example, lithium-ion batteries are found in your laptop and cell phone.

One of the advantages of lithium ion marine batteries is that they can last 10-15 years. aolithium batteries come with an 8 year warranty, so obviously we stand behind our products. We will further explore several other benefits of using lithium.

Why are lithium-ion batteries the best fishfinder batteries?

But a fishfinder is only as good as the battery that powers it. Otherwise, all you have is a strange ornament that takes up space in your boat or kayak. Speaking of space, you probably don't have much of it. That's why one of the most important aspects of a fish finder battery is a lightweight design.

Here are other key features to look for.

Strong and spill-proof. Toxic chemicals leaking into the lake? Mother Nature would rather you didn't. Your battery should be strong enough to withstand the bumps and rocks of the boat without making a mess.

Size and weight. The extra weight will cause your boat to sit lower in the water and create drag. The extra bulk will take up valuable space where you can put your fishing gear. So, be as light as possible. Especially if you need kayak fishfinder batteries. 

Maintenance free. Who wants to fill batteries with water and then babysit them? Probably not you. The best fishfinder batteries are the only ones you have to worry about is finding time to fish instead of maintaining the batteries.

Reliable. The last thing you need to do is spend a day on the water partying, only to have the batteries last 10 minutes. Reliability is key.

Fast and easy to charge. Having a hard time finding time to fish? Try to find time to recharge your battery. The kind you want to charge in 2-3 hours or less. Which battery chemistry is so fast? Lithium iron phosphate. (See below for more).

Large capacity. Every pound depends on the boat, so strike a balance between capacity and size. High-capacity batteries like ionic lithium give you more energy per pound.

Compatibility with other gadgets. With the right batteries, you can provide more power to your fishfinder.

Combine with your budget. Fishfinder batteries shouldn't be out of your budget. But consider more than just the initial price. Cheap batteries may only last 2-3 years. Ion lithium, on the other hand, can last 10 times or more. It's worth considering the long-term cost, as cheaper batteries usually need to be replaced more often.

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