What to Look for in Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries: Aolithium 12V 100Ah Battery review

Ambassador: Spilt Milt Productions

Definitely a quality battery competitively priced. I've taken it out on my kayak few times. 

I've been getting on my scale closer to 24 pounds, but that's still pretty impressive. Actually you can have that much power packed into a lightweight battery like this. It's very lightweight. It's easily fits into a group 27 battery of the old town. Kayaks come standard with their motorized kayaks. Most of the marine deep cycle battery that you see, the trolling motor battery boxes you see are all the size. Take a look at the components on the inside, this one looks really good.

$620 for it, so it's very cost effective.

For me, I'm always looking for the lithium batteries, 100 and power batteries below the $800 Mark. Feel like you're paying $800 or more, you pretty much get ripped off. There's been a big boom in the number of companies producing these batteries. 5 year warranty is what you're gonna get with this, which is pretty much the industry standard. It's one of the things I always look for in all of the lithium batteries I'm using to power mind. Motorized kayaks is they gotta have some sort Bluetooth capability so that I can monitor easily on the water to help the battery.

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