Overlanding North America in a 4x4 Van • 11 Months & 25,000 Miles

Ben and Rebecca's travel covers to first overland adventure in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Follow a traveling couple and their dog who bought a 4x4 RV expedition vehicle and proceeded to spend 11 months driving 25,000 miles exploring North America. Full time life on the road is full of highs, lows, challenges, bloopers and countless memories.

Ben and Rebecca go to take a local’s recommendation on a nice shakedown trip for their new expedition vehicle for two or three nights.They have a perfect time during the creek and made lunch on the grass.The way is bumpy but they successfully performed a bonfire.They met two companions on the way and enthusiastically entertained them.

After reaching the camping site, they enjoyed the perfect lunch.Then Ben pulled out the way of the fuel pumps because he wanted to switch tanks but it is difficult.Ben and Rebecca decided on a name for their new camper denali faraday.They passed through coolidge kansas and with the help from Steve they were able to brainstorm.Now they can switch between tanks no problem at all.Ben installed a another 12 volt and a usb outlet on the blacksplash for the kitchen.

After driving all the way and in turns,finally they are at jasper beach just outside of machias port maine machias.During the travel they meet amazing people there’s a couple from switzerland but he’s from french and she’s german couple fro Italy over here a couple from manitoba.They think that social networking is a beautiful and meaningful thing.


First stop of the day prim point light station it’s beautiful and the lighting is pretty cool.They also encountered David ,David is enthusiastic observers on the channel and teaching them the game of pickleball.

They could pretty much park wherever they want ,this is a real added bonus a nice surprise that they can stay at night in a movie theater.And the best part is that there ‘s like 10 free campsites.They come to new england and try some new england clam chowder.

They’ve actually been laid up here in a sense of waiting for parts and having the cooling system on the truck disabled for about five days. Fortunately,David and Susan are so kind and apper when they need.After a period of adjustment, the journey continues.

Halloween in Salem Massachusetts,Ben and Rebecca Walk on a crowded street.But Ben was uncomfortable to see so many people probably because of the long time traveling alone.

Both their dads flew in to charleston,south carolina to join them for a week during the holidays.Ben and Rebecca take a break and spend some time in an airbnb.

Then they arrived in dallas and that put them offically exactly halfway.They continue to pass through many places and enjoy all kinds of landscapes.


That was close from yuma arizona they are on rebecca’s uncle JJ’s farm .They are going to upgrade to lithium batteries in 4*4 expedition track all right.They use two gauge wire and moving down here they have progressive dynamics 60 amp charge and then utilized some grounding posts to make routing of wires easier.


When they passed by San Felipe ,Baja California and parking in a beachfront park, they enjoyed a comfortable hot spring.

In the gonzaga bay area they enjoyed reading books and met fellow travelers from Germany and riding with them for a few days.

In the santa rosa lolito,they enjoyed the delicious food .In the moulihae,they have a nice view of the ocean.They park the car on the edge of this cliff nice ocean breezes.


They leave mexico because they were something were building up with shelby and they ended up seeing a vet in loretto .they are on the way home to alaska to have a dinner on the grass.

In the later travel, Ben and Rebecca also encountered some problems, but they were all solved, and finally after 11 months they returned home and ended the trip.

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