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    Aolithium is a new energy-saving technology, a new material technology for the industrial orientation of high tech product distribution companies dedicated to the sale and service of energy storage systems and power battery systems, to provide customers with efficient, reliable and customized solutions. Today, Aolithium is one of the leading Chinese brazed aluminum heat exchanger suppliers and currently exports 60% of its products to more than 20 countries and regions (Belgium, Germany, USA, Italy, Brazil, India, Japan, Australia.) , etc.).

Our company will fully play with the help of the two sides in the fields of special machinery manufacturing and equipment, energy-saving technology, new material technology and battery system brand effect, technology, resource advantage, production experience, synergy of an industrial chain, power battery system focusing on advanced energy storage systems and the layout of the whole industrial chain, dedicated to product research and development, sales and service of energy storage systems and power battery systems, to provide customers with efficient, reliable and customized solutions. We have excellent battery technology, optimized system integration technology and other competitive advantages for products, and can provide system solutions for energy storage + green energy, special engineering equipment, wind and light waiver, industrial park application and so on.


The lithium battery systems developed, designed and manufactured by Hongsheng New Energy are widely used in electric vehicles, construction machinery, industrial energy storage, outdoor energy storage, special vehicles and mobile power projects.

After several years of research, Hongsheng New Energy has developed a series of lithium battery products that can be used in various outdoor and home scenes:

Energy storage power source
-51.2 V 100 Ah server pack battery
The 51.2 V 100 Ah server rack battery is mainly used in off-grid energy storage systems.
  • typical life of over 20 years and 99% operating efficiency. Includes an LCD screen for quick monitoring of important battery data.
  • UL listed Class A cells, 20-year typical life and 8-year warranty.
  • 4000+ cycles @90% DOD, 6000+ cycles @80% DOD.
  • The rack is fixed with stainless steel spring buckles, solid structure and easy installation.
  • Built-in intelligent BMS, pre-charge circuit to prevent BMS damage.
RV power source
12V100Ah LiFePO4 battery and 12V100Ah-4S LiFePO4 battery are mainly used for outdoor energy storage.
  • The overall use of practical tray made of ABS material.
  • Class A automotive batteries and high reliability tested BMS.
  • The welding of the electric cell is done by the laser welding process of the car battery.
  • Built-in intelligent Bluetooth module, can be monitored from the phone.
  • ISO9001/UL/CE/UKCA/Bluetooth BQB/UN38.3 certification.
Energy storage in the home
-P1 Power module
This product is mainly used in high-end villa, Tel. Base station, household power and farm, with 4000 charging cycles at 90% DOD/25 °C/0.5 °C, we are committed to the high quality of safety, emergency response, multimachine parallel operation and high-efficiency saving.
Energy storage in the home
-P2 In an industrial machine
This product is mainly used in high-end villa, Tel. Base station, Tel room, mobile charging station and farm, we have two models of PT2-10 and PT2-20 with the high quality of security, emergency measures, multimachine parallel and high efficiency saving.
Meanwhile, P2 series also has another kind of product for home splitter.
Energy storage in the home
-p3 Power module
The p3 power module is also used for home energy storage. We offer integrated power solutions for home users or industrial and commercial users in combination with PT2-10/PT2-20/PF2-10 models. Depending on user needs, we also offer 1kW, 3kW, 5kW photovoltaic modules which can be combined with 1-20KW photovoltaic modules.
Easy connection to save installation time and cost, and expandable system design, convenient capacity expansion..
Industrial Energy Storage Container Storage System
After years of intensive cultivation, Aolithium's product quality and quality assurance have been recognized by the market and customers - Aolithium's products are UL/CE/UKCA/UN38.3/Bluetooth BQB Listing/FCC ID/CE RED certified and factory approved to ISO 9001:2015 international quality standards.
  • High system integration, integrated battery management systems, PCS, temperature control system, fire fighting system, input protection system, data monitoring and control system, AC/DC power distribution system, lighting system, etc.
  • Customized design for different customer requirements.
  • Three-tier BMS system architecture, safe and reliable.
  • Charging modes include pre-charge, constant current charge, equalization charge and trickle charge.
  • The energy storage system has perfect communication, monitoring, management, control, early warning and protection function, safe operation for long periods of time, but through the upper machine to test the system operating condition, provide data analysis capability and emergency power supply function.
  • The integrated solution supports simultaneous access to load, grid, diesel generator and PV.
  • Integrated solution supports simultaneous access of load, power grid, diesel generator and PV.