Reduce energy costs
Get the most out of free solar energy and
Avoid spiral diesel
generation costs or expensive grid fees.
Gain network independence
Stay prepared for power outages and
Protect essential
Devices against mains fluctuations.
Lower CO2 emissions
Reduce your carbon footprint and help
Curbing air pollution.
Increase the value of the house
Increase the property value of your
House with the addition of
Storage systems for solar energy.

How it works

During the day,
Batteries store the
surplus energy
generated by solar collectors.
During the evening rush hours,
electrical household appliances
with the pre-stored energy
for batteries.
At night,
Charge batteries with
a generator or inexpensive
Off-peak mains current.
Energy for your environmentally friendly life
Choose from a full range of power options: 12 V - 48 V
Our LiFePO4 batteries can be easily combined with a solar charge controller and solar panels. By combining the battery with a solar panel and charge controller, the LiFePO4 battery can charge and power an electrical load at the same time. Compared to old-school lead acid batteries, our LiFePO4 batteries have a high specific capacity, vastly improved lifespan and very low weight, making them perfect for residential and commercial solar applications.

    Lead acid is actually less economical than our LiFePO4 solar storage batteries. The cost per watt-hour stored per cycle will be be less than old-school and heavy lead acid.

    Power to expand
    Increase your storage capacity easily Connect our batteries as your expansion needs grow.

    These batteries are superior to lead acid batteries because of their (1) high specific energy capacity, (2) long service life, (3) compact size, (4) light weight, (5) superior thermal and chemical stability, (6) improved safety, (7) improved cost performance, and (8) improved charge and discharge rates.

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